Sunday, October 10, 2010

Identity X Review

Saturday's show was a pure rock experience. The line up featured all local bands, except 7th Cycle which is a band from Logan, Ohio.

Identity X was amazing live, and I would strongly recommend seeing them any chance you get. Lead singer David Toole also performed the national anthem at Saturday's Penguins game before heading over to the show. The band's album "Perception is Reality" is available on iTunes and a link on their website. Any rock fan should definitely check it out. They also make Journey songs sound a million times better!

Other bands included Color Me Blind, Patron Saint, The Cascade Atlantic, Model Class Citizens, and SIKES. All of the bands performed very well and their sounds were amazing. Patron Saint, The Cascade Atlantic, and Model Class Citizens top my list; but I would recommend all of these bands to any rock fan. The Cascade Atlantic seemed to interact with the crowd the best, but there was also a bit of a bigger crowd by the time they played.

Altar bar is a pretty good venue, but the all ages set up is a bit awkward. A dividing wall was set up to keep people under 21 away from the bar and those that were 21+ could not take their alcohol into the all ages section. The set-up made it hard for groups of friends of mixed ages to watch the show together. It would be a great venue for 21+ shows though.

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  1. Color Me Blind is so sick, so original